I Understood Tenet Soft Enamel Pin
i understood tenet
I Understood Tenet Soft Enamel Pin

I Understood Tenet Soft Enamel Pin

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2020 has been a perplexing year to say the least, but one movie puts the word "perplex" on another echelon. Tenet is the latest movie from Christopher Nolan and... oh man !! . This time bending take on a spy movie has a one of a kind fast paced and twisted plot that left casual movie goers scratching their heads. But left film buffs flaunting how much they easily understood the pacing of the movie on first watch. If you are one of these snobs, boy do we have a the right pin for you. This "I understood Tenent" pin makes people know about your pretension before they know your smile ( masks on in public please).
If you have the right sense of humour and love a little sarcasm here and there, this is the perfect addition to your pin collection. This also makes for a great secret Santa or Christmas gift for that one sometimes pretentious film buff friend we all have. All this without breaking the bank. Get these one of a kind pin, exclusively on Unique3ree.com and unique3ree platforms


50 x 49 mm
Made from a Zinc Alloy

Vinyl Sticker
Will stick on smooth and flat surfaces